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Spanish Vocabulary- Verbs

Spanish Vocabulary

Los Verbos- Verbs

Abalanzarse- To pounce/To lunge

Abastecer- To supply/To provide

Abatir- To knock down/To overthrow/To throw down

Ablandar- To soften

Abofetear- To slap

Abotonar- To button/To button up

Abrazar- To hug/To embrace/To clamp

Abreviar- To abbreviate

Abrigar- To shelter/To harbor/To cover/To protect

Abrirse- To open (store)

Abrochar- To fasten

Abrumar- To overwhelm

Abuchear- To boo

Aburrir- To bore

Aburrirse- To get bored

Acaecer- To happen

Acampar- To camp

Acatar- To abide

Acechar- To ambush/To lie in wait/To watch/To spy

Acelerar- To accelerate

Acercarse- To approach

Aclarar- To brighten/To clarify/To explain

Aconsejar- To advise/To counsel

Acontecer- To happen

Acordonar- To cordon off/To rope off

Acortar- To shorten/To abbreviate/To cut back

Acosar- To bully/To harass

Acostar- To put to bed

Acostarse- To go to bed/To lie down

Acrecentar- To increase

Acribillar- To riddle/To pelt/To pepper

Actuar- To act

Acudir- To go

Acumular- To accumulate

Acurrucar- To huddle

Acurrucarse- To snuggle

Adelantarse- To go forward/To go ahead/To move ahead/To take the lead

Adelgazar- To slim down

Adivinar- To guess/To foretell

Adjudicar- To award/To allot

Adquirir- To acquire

Advertir- To warn

Afligir- To afflict

Afligirse- To grieve/To mourn

Afrontar- To face

Agarrar- To grab

Agobiar- To overwhelm

Agotar- To exhaust/To use up

Agotarse- To become exhausted

Agrandar- To enlarge/To grow larger/To increase/To exaggerate

Agravar- To aggravate/To make worse

Agregar- To add/To join

Agrietar- To crack/To crack open

Agrupar- To group

Agudizar- To sharpen

Agujerear- To pierce

Ahogar- To drown (someone)

Ahogarse- To drown

Ahorrar- To save (money, economics)

Ajustarse- To fit

Alentar- To encourage

Alertar- To alert

Alientar- To encourage

Alimentar- To feed

Aliviar- To relieve

Alojarse- To stay

Alquilar- To rent

Alterar-To alter/To change/To disturb/To upset

Alumbrar- To light/To light up

Alzar- To raise

Amontonar- To stack

Amparar- To protect/To shelter/To harbor

Amueblar- To furnish

Añadir- To add

Analizar- To analyze

Anclar- To anchor/To drop anchor

Andar- To walk

Andarse- To go away

Anhelar- To long/To yearn/To long for/To yearn for

Animar- To encourage

Aniquilar- To annihilate

Añorar- To yearn

Anotar- To write down/To jot down

Ansiar- To crave/To crave for

Anunciar- To announce

Apagar- To turn off (light, appliance, etc.)/To extinguish (flame, fire)/To put out (flame, fire)

Aparecer- To appear

Apegarse- To stick (as in to stay with something)

Apetecer- To crave

Apilar- To stack

Aplastar- To crush/To smash

Aplaudir- To applaud/To clap

Aplazar- To postpone

Aplicar- To apply

Aportar- To contribute

Apostar- To bet

Apoyar- To support

Apreciar- To appreciate

Apresurar- To hurry

Apretar- To press/To squeeze

Aprobar- To approve

Aprovechar- To take advantage of

Apuntarse- To sign up

Apurarse- To hurry

Aquejar- To attack

Arañar- To scratch/To scrape/To claw

Arrancar- To root up/To pull out/To turn on (an engine)

Arrasar- To devastate/To level/To obliterate/To annihilate

Arrastrar- To drag

Arrastrarse- To crawl/To creep

Arrebatar- To snatch/To snatch away

Arreglar- To fix

Arremeter- To lash out

Arrendar- To lease

Arrepentirse- To regret

Arriesgar- To risk

Arrodillarse- To kneel

Arrollar- To overwhelm

Arropar- To wrap

Arrugar- To wrinkle (something)

Arrugarse- To wrinkle

Arruinar- To ruin

Asaltar- To assault

Asar- To roast

Asegurar- To ensure

Asesorar- To advise

Asesorarse- To get advice

Asfixiar- To asphyxiate

Asombrar- To astonish

Asustar- To frighten

Atacar- To attack

Atajar- To tackle

Atar- To tie

Atemorizar- To frighten

Atender- To attend

Atenerse- To abide by/To keep

Atraer- To attract/To allure

Atrapar- To trap

Atravesar- To cross

Atreverse- To dare

Atribuir- To attribute

Atrincherarse- To barricade oneself (like in a house)

Atropellar- To run over

Aturdir- To stun

Aullar- To howl

Aumentar- To increase

Autolesionarse- To injure one-self (in self-harm)

Auxiliar- To help/To assist

Avanzar- To advance

Avecinarse- To approach/To come over

Averiguar- To find out

Azotar- To whip

Bailar- To dance

Bajarse- To get out

Bajarse del carro- To get out of the car

Balancear- To swing (something)

Balancearse- To swing (oneself)

Basar- To base

Batallar- To fight

Batir- To beat/To strike

Bendecir- To bless

Beneficiar- To benefit

Blindar- To shield

Blindarse- To shield oneself

Bloquear- To block

Boicotear- To boycott

Bombardear- To bomb

Bombear- To pump

Borrar- To delete/To erase/To write off/To cross out

Bostezar- To yawn

Botar- To throw away/To dispose of

Brillar- To shine

Brindar- To offer

Bromear- To joke/To tease

Brotar- To sprout/To spring

Burbujear- To bubble

Buscar- To look for/To search for

Caducar- To expire

Caer- To drop/To sink/To tumble

Caerse- To fall

Calcinar- To burn

Calificar- To qualify

Camuflar- To camouflage

Canalizar- To canalize/To funnel

Cancelar- To cancel

Canjear- To exchange

Cantar- To sing

Capturar- To capture

Catalogar- To catalog/To list

Causar- To cause

Cavar- To dig

Cazar- To hunt

Cebar- To bait/To prime

Ceder- To yield

Cegarse- To get blinded

Ceñir- To gird (To encircle with a belt or band/To fasten or secure (clothing, for example) with a belt or band/To surround)

Censurar- To censor

Centellear- To sparkle

Centrar- To center

Cerrar- To close

Cerrarse- To close (store)

Cesar- To stop/To cease

Citar- To quote

Chantajear- To blackmail

Checar- To check

Chillar- To squeal/To shriek/To scream

Chismorrear- To gossip

Chocar- To crash

Chorrear- To squirt

Cimentar- To cement

Claudicar- To give up/To back down

Coaccionar- To coerce

Cobrar- To charge (money)

Cocer- To bake

Coger- To take

Cojear- To limp/To hobble

Colapsar- To collapse

Colegir- To collect/To gather

Colmar- To fill/To fill up

Colorear- To color

Comentar- To comment

Comenzar- To begin

Cometer- To commit

Compartir- To share

Competir- To compete

Complicar- To complicate

Comportarse- To behave

Comprometerse- To commit oneself

Concordar- To agree

Condenar- To condemn

Conducir- To drive

Confesar- To confess

Conmemorar- To commemorate

Conmover- To move (emotionally)

Consagrar- To consecrate

Conservar- To preserve

Consolar- To comfort

Consignar- To record

Conspirar- To conspire

Constatar- To prove/To verify/To confirm

Construir- To build/To construct

Contemplar- To contemplate

Contener- To contain

Contestar- To answer

Contraatacar- To counter

Contradecir- To contradict

Contraer- To contract

Contrarrestar- To counter/To counteract/To offset

Contratar- To hire

Controlar- To control

Convencer- To convince

Convidar- To invite

Convivir- To live together

Coordinar- To coordinate

Coronar- To crown

Corregir- To correct

Corromper- To taint/To corrupt

Criar- To bring up/To rear

Crujir- To creak/To squeak/To crunch/To rustle

Cubrir- To cover

Cuestionar- To question

Culpar- To blame

Dañar- To hurt

Dar- To give

Debatir- To debate

Decidir- To decide

Declinar- To decline

Dedicar- To dedicate

Delatar- To betray

Deleitar- To delight

Deletrear- To spell

Delinear- To delineate

Demorar- To take (in terms of time to do or complete something)/To delay

Denegar- To deny

Denunciar- To report/To denounce

Depositar- To deposit

Deprimirse- To become depressed

Derretir- To melt/To thaw

Derribar- To knock down

Derrocar- To topple

Derrotar- To defeat

Desafiar- To challenge

Desalojar- To evict/To oust/To clear/To dislodge

Desangrarse- To bleed out

Desanimarse- To get discouraged

Desaprobar- To disapprove

Desatar- To unleash

Desatraillar- To unleash

Desbloquear- To unlock

Desbordar- To overflow

Desbordarse- To overflow/To spill over

Descargar- To download

Descartar- To discard/To rule out

Descobijar- To uncover

Descuartizar- To butcher

Descubrir- To discover

Descuidar- To neglect/To disregard/To abandon

Desdeñar- To spurn

Desechar- To discard

Desempeñar- To perform

Desempolvar- To dust/To dust off

Desencadenar- To trigger

Deshacerse de - To get rid of

Deshacerse de ellos- To get rid of them

Deshelar(se)- To thaw

Deslizar- To slide (something)

Deslizarse- To slide (oneself)

Deslumbrar- To dazzle

Desmentir- To deny

Desmontar- To remove

Desnudar- To strip

Desnudarse- To undress/To strip

Desobedecer- To disobey

Despedir- To fire/To dismiss/To discharge/To release/To send off

Despedirse- To say good bye

Despegar- To take off (vehicle, a plane, etc)

Despejar- To clear (space)/To free/To clear up (clarify a topic)

Despenalizar- To decriminalize

Despilfarrar- To waste (money)

Desplazarse- To move/To travel

Desplegar- To unfold/To deploy

Despojar- To strip

Desprestigiar- To discredit

Desquitar- To retaliate/To get even

Destabilisar- To destabilize

Destacar- To higlight/To stand out/To distinguish/To detach

Destapar- To uncover

Destellar- To flash

Destrozar- To destroy

Destruir- To destroy

Desvanecerse- To fade off

Desviar- To divert

Detallar- To detail

Detener- To detain/To arrest

Deteriorar- To deteriorate

Devolver- To return (an object)

Dibujar- To draw (as in a picture)

Dictaminar- To rule/To dictate

Dificultar- To hinder/To obstruct

Digerir- To digest

Dirigir- To direct/To lead

Discurrir- To run (extend along a certain place or time)

Discutir- To discuss

Diseñar- To design

Disfrazarse- To wear costumes/To disguise oneself

Distraer- To distract

Disuadir- To dissuade

Divorciar- To divorce

Divulgar- To disclose/To divulge

Donar- To donate

Dormir- To sleep

Dormirse- To fall asleep

Drenar- To drain

Dudar- To doubt

Durar- To last

Editar- To edit

Elegir- To choose/To elect

Ejercer- To exercise/To practice/To exert

Embaír- To deceive/To trick

Embellecer- To beautify

Embestir- To charge/To lunge

Emborracharse- To get drunk

Emboscar- To ambush

Emigrar- To emigrate

Empañar- To tarnish

Empapar- To soak/To sponge up

Empedrar- To pave

Empeorar- To worsen

Emplear- To use

Emplearse- To be used

Empoderar- To empower

Emprender- To undertake

Encabezar- To lead/To head

Encaminar- To direct/To guide/To route

Encapuchar- To hood/To cover with a hood

Encapucharse- To be hooded

Encarcelar- To imprison

Encerar- To wax

Encerrar- To enclose/To confine/To lock up/To shut in

Encogerse- To shrink

Encubrir- To cover up

Enderezar- To straighten

Endurecerse- To harden/To toughen/To stiffen up

Enfatizar- To emphasize

Engañar- To deceive

Enganchar- To hook

Engordar- To get fat/To gain weight

Engrandecer- To enlarge/To exalt

Enjabonar- To lather

Enjaular- To cage

Enjuagar- To rinse

Enjuiciar- To prosecute

Enlargar- To enlarge

Enlazar- To link

Enojarse- To become angry

Enriquecer- To enrich

Enrollar- To roll up

Ensacar- To bag/To put in a bag

Enseñar- To teach

Ensordecer- To deafen

Entablar- To enter into

Enterarse- To find out

Enterrar- To bury

Entrenar- To train/To coach

Entrevistar- To interview

Entristecerse- To become sad

Enviar- To send

Envolver- To wrap/To envelope

Equivocarse- To make a mistake

Erradicar- To eradicate

Errar- To err/To wander/To stray

Escabullirse- Sneak out

Escalar- To climb

Esclavizar- To enslave

Escoltar- To escort

Esconder- To hide (something)

Esconderse- To hide (oneself)

Escribir- To write

Escudriñar- To scrutinize

Espantar- To frighten/To scare/To scare away

Esparcir- To spread/To scatter

Especificar- To specify

Esperar- To wait for/To hope

Espiar (a)- To spy (on)

Esquiar- To ski

Establecer- To establish

Estacionar- To park

Estafar- To swindle

Estallar- To explode/To burst/To blow up/To detonate

Estancarse- To stagnate

Estirar- To stretch

Estirarse- To stretch (as in exercise)

Estorbar- To hinder

Estropear(se)- To spoil

Estructurar- To structure

Evaluar- To evaluate/To assess/To appraise

Evidenciar- To show (by means of evidence)/To prove/To make evident

Evitar- To avoid

Exacerar- To exacerbate

Excavar- To dig/To excavate

Exhibir- To exhibit

Exigir- To demand

Exonerar- To exonerate

Experimentar- To experiment

Exponer- To expose

Expulsar- To expel

Extinguir- To extinguish

Extirpar- To remove

Extraditar- To extradite

Extrañar- To miss

Fabricar- To manufacture/To make

Facilitar- To ease/To facilitate/To help

Fallecer- To die/To perish

Fantasear- To fantasize

Fastidiar- To annoy

Felicitar- To congratulate

Festejar- To celebrate

Fingir- To pretend/To fake

Florecer- To bloom

Flotar- To float/To drift

Formar- To form

Fortalecer- To strengthen/To fortify

Forzar- To force

Fracasar- To fail

Frenar- To stop

Frotar- To rub

Fugar- To leak

Fundir- To melt

Galopar- To gallop

Gatear- To crawl

Gemir- To moan/To groan

Generalizar- To generalize

Generar- To generate

Gobernar- To govern

Golpear- To hit

Gotear- To drip/To leak/To trickle

Gozar- To enjoy

Grabar- To record (as in a video)

Guardar- To save

Guiñar- To wink

Guisar- To cook

Habitar- To live/To inhabit/To dwell

Hablar- To speak about

Hacer autostop- To hitch-hike

Hacerse- To become

Hallar- To find

Heder- To stink/To smell

Helar- To freeze

Hervir- To boil

Hornear- To bake

Horrorizar- To horrify

Iluminar- To illuminate/To light

Impedir- To prevent

Implantar- To implant

Imponer- To impose

Imprimir- To print (as from a computer)

Incautar- To seize

Incrementar- To increase

Incriminar- To incriminate

Influenciar- To influence

Ingresar- To enter/To get in

Insistir- To insist

Inspeccionar- To inspect

Instar- To urge

Instaurar- To set up

Instruir- To instruct

Intentar- To try/To attempt

Interactuar- To interact

Intercambiar- To exchange

Interrumpir- To interrupt

Intimidar- To intimidate

Inundar- To flood

Invadir- To invade

Investigar- To investigate

Involucrar- To involve

Involucrarse- To become involved/To get involved

Irrumpir- To burst in/To barge in

Jadear- To gasp

Juguetear- To frolic

Juntar- To join/To put together/To collect/To piece together

Jurar- To swear

Justificar- To justify

Juzgar- To judge

Ladrar- To bark

Lamentar- To regret/To lament/To mourn

Lanzar- To throw

Lastimar- To hurt

Latir- To beat

Lesionar- To injure

Lesionarse- To get injured

Liberar- To liberate/To set free

Liderar- To lead

Lidiar- To deal

Llenar- To fill

Llenarse- To fill up/To become full

Localizar- To locate

Lograr- To manage to/To succeed in

Luchar- To struggle

Lucir- To look

Machacar- To crush

Maldecir- To curse

Malquerer- To hate

Maltratar- To mistreat

Manchar- To stain

Mandar- To send

Manejar- To manage/To drive

Marcar- To mark (such as with a marker)

Martillar- To hammer

Martillear- To pound

Memorizar- To memorize

Mencionar- To mention

Menospreciar- To belittle

Merecer- To deserve

Metabolizar- To metabolize

Meter- To put/To place

Mimar- To spoil (a child, etc.)/To pamper

Mirar- To look at

Mofarse- To taunt

Mojar- To wet

Molestar- To annoy/To bother

Monitorear- To monitor

Mover- To move (something)

Moverse- To move (oneself)

Movilizar- To mobilize

Nadar- To swim

Navegar- To sail

Negociar- To negotiate

Nombrar- To name

Noquear- To knock down

Notar- To notice/To note

Nutrir- To nourish/To nurture

Obligar- To force/To coerce/To oblige

Obsequiar- To give away

Obstaculizar- To block

Ocasionar- To cause

Ocultar- To hide (something)

Ocultarse- To hide (oneself)

Ocurrir- To occur

Odiar- To hate

Ondear- To wave

Opinar- To opiniate/To give one's opinion

Oprimir- To oppress

Optar- To opt

Ordenar- To order

Otorgar- To grant

Padecer- To suffer

Pagar- To pay for

Paliar- To alleviate

Palpar- To touch/To feel/To palpate

Parafrasear- To paraphrase

Paralizar- To paralyze

Parpadear- To blink

Patear- To kick

Patrullar- To patrol

Pausar- To pause

Pecar- To sin

Pedir- To ask for

Pegar- To paste/To glue

Pelear- To fight

Penalizar- To penalize

Pensar- To think 

Percibir- To perceive/To notice/To detect

Perdonar- To forgive

Perecer- To perish

Perjudicar- To harm

Permanecer- To stay/To remain

Perseguir- To pursue/To chase/To go after/To persecute/To hunt down

Persuadir- To persuade

Pertenecer- To belong

Pescar- To fish

Pestañear- To blink

Pilotar- To pilot/To fly

Pinchar- To puncture/To prick/To nick

Pintar- To paint

Pisar- To step on

Pisotear- To trample

Planchar- To iron

Planificar- To plan

Planificarse- To be planned

Plegar- To fold

Poner- To put

Poner de manifiesto- To highlight/To show

Ponerse- To become

Posar- To pose (like for a picture)

Posicionar- To position

Postear- To post

Precipitarse a- To rush (to)

Predecir- To predict

Predicar- To preach

Premiar- To reward/To award

Presenciar- To witness

Presumir- To boast/To brag

Pretender- To pretend

Probar- To try/To taste

Proferir- To utter

Promocionar- To promote

Propagar(se)- To spread

Proponer- To propose

Presenciar- To witness

Proteger- To protect

Protegerse- To protect onself

Pulir- To polish

Quemar- To burn

Quitar- To remove

Quitarse- To remove (clothing)

Raptar- To kidnap

Rasgar- To rip/To tear

Rastrear- To track/To track down

Ratificar- To ratify/To affirm/To endorse

Rayar- To scratch

Reabrir- To reopen

Reaccionar- To react

Realizar- To fulfill

Reanudar- To resume

Rebasar- To overtake

Recelar- To suspect/To fear

Recetar- To prescribe

Reclamar- To claim/To demand/To appeal for/To ask for

Reclutar- To recruit

Recobrar- To recover

Recoger- To pick up

Recompensar- To reward

Recopilar- To collect

Recordar- To remember

Recorrer- To travel

Recortar- To trim/To cut back

Recriminar- To reproach

Recuperar- To recover/To regain

Redactar- To write

Reducir- To reduce

Reembolsar- To reimburse

Reemplazar- To replace

Reencontrar- To rediscover

Reecontrarse- To meets again/To reconnect/To reunite

Reflejar- To reflect

Reforestar- To reforest

Regalar- To give away

Regañar- To scold/To tell off/To quarrel/To argue

Regentar- To manage/To run (a business)

Rehusar- To refuse

Reinar- To reign

Reiniciar- To restart/To reset

Reír- To laugh

Reiterar- To reiterate

Regular- To regulate

Relajarse- To relax

Renacer- To be reborn

Rendirse- To surrender

Renegar- To deny

Reñir- To quarrel

Renovar- To renovate/To renew

Renunciar (a)- To give up (on)

Reparar- To repair

Repartir- To distribute

Repasar- To review

Repeler- To repel

Repetir- To repeat

Replegarse- To retract/To fall back

Reponerse- To recover/To recuperate/To get over

Reportar- To report

Reposar- To rest

Reprimir- To suppress

Reprochar- To reproach

Requerir- To require

Resaltar- To highlight/To stand out

Resbalar- To slide/To slide off

Rescatar- To rescue

Residar- To reside

Resonar- To resound

Respaldar- To support

Respingar- To wince

Respirar- To breathe

Responder- To respond

Responsabilizar- To hold responsible

Responsabilizarse- To take responsibility

Restablecer- To restore/To re-establish

Retar- To challenge

Retemblar- To shake

Retener- To hold back

Retorcer- To twist

Retornar- To return

Retrasar- To delay

Retroceder- To move back/To turn back

Revelar- To reveal

Revolotear- To flutter/To hover

Rezumar- To ooze/To leak

Robar- To rob/To steal

Rodear- To surround

Roer- To nibble/To gnaw

Roerse- To bite

Rogar- To pray

Roncar- To snore

Rondar- To haunt/To prowl/To patrol

Ruborizarse- To blush

Saborear- To savor

Sacar- To take out (such as taking things out of something such as a car)

Sacudir- To shake

Sacudirse- To jerk

Salir- To leave

Salpicar- To splash/To splatter/To sprinkle

Saltar- To jump/To skip/To hop

Salvar- To save

Sanear- To sanitize/To purge

Sangrar- To bleed

Satisfacer- To satisfy

Seccionar- To section

Secretar- To secrete

Sellar- To seal/To stamp

Sembrar- To plant/To sow

Señalar- To indicate/To point out

Silbar- To whistle

Simpatizar- To sympathize

Sintetizar- To synthesize

Sobornar- To bribe

Sobrecargar- To overload/To overburden

Sobrepasar- To exceed/To surpass/To overtake

Sobrevivir- To survive

Socorrer- To help

Soler- To be accustomed to/To be in the habit of/To have the custom of/To tend

Solidarizarse- To show solidarity

Someter- To submit/To subject/To bring under

Sonar- To sound

Soñar- To dream

Soplar- To blow out

Sospechar- To suspect

Sorprender- To surprise

Sostenir- To hold

Subrayar- To underline

Suceder- To happen

Suicidarse- To commit suicide

Sujetar- To hold/To fasten

Sumergir(se)- To submerge

Superar- To overcome

Suplicar- To beg

Suprimir- To suppress

Suscribirse- To subscribe

Suspirar- To sigh

Susurrar- To whisper

Tachar- To cross out

Taladrar- To drill (as with a drill)

Tardar- To be late

Tartamudear- To stutter

Tasar- To appraise/To assess/To value

Temer- To fear

Tender- To tend

Tentar- To tempt/To entice

Tergiversar- To distort

Terminar- To finish

Testificar- To testify

Tocar- To touch

Tocar- To play (as in a musical instrument)

Tostar- To toast (such as bread)

Traducir- To translate

Tragar- To swallow

Traisionar- To betray

Tramar- To scheme/To concoct

Transcurrir- To elapse

Trasladar- To move/To transfer

Trepar- To climb

Triunfar- To succeed/To triumph

Trotar- To jog

Tumbar- To knock down

Ubicar- To locate

Ubicarse- To be located

Unir- To join

Unirse- To join

Usar- To use

Usurpar- To usurp

Vaciar- To empty

Vacilar- To hesitate

Valorar- To value

Valorizar- To value

Variar- To vary

Vencer- To overcome

Vendar- To bandage/To bind up

Vibrar- To vibrate

Victimizar- To victimize

Vigilar- To look out/To watch

Vigorizar- To invigorate

Vincular- To link

Vislumbrar- To glimpse

Volar- To fly

Vomitar- To vomit

Yacer- To lie down

Zarpar- To sail/To set sail

Zumbar- To buzz/To hum/To flutter around

Zurcir- To mend (as in clothing that's ripped)

Zurrar- To spank


Los Ejemplos de Oraciones- Example Sentences

Mi corazón comenzó a acelerarse- My heart began to race

Ella festejó seis años de sobriedad- She celebrated six years of sobriety

Afecta la habilidad para tomar decisiones- It affects the ability to make decisions

¿A qué hora puedo recogerlo?- At what time can I pick it up?

¿Sabes quien va a recoger a Juan?- Do you know who is going to pick up John?

Pedro sabe editar videos- Peter knows how to edit videos

Yo sé manejar motocicleta- I know how to ride a motorcycle

Pablo sabe pintar- Pablo knows how to paint

Juan sabe tocar el piano- John knows how to play the piano

El asesinato de la mujer alienta a mujeres a contar los acosos que sufren cuando salen a trotar solas- The murder of the woman encourages women to tell the harassment they suffer when they go out jogging alone

Desató un ataque- He unleashed an attack

Al verla, él se bajó del carro- Upon seeing her, he got out of the car

Vuelve a poner de manifiesto como el acoso callejero sigue siendo un verdadero problema con el que lidian las mujeres en EEUU- It again highlights how street harassment is a real problem with women in the United States

La pregunta no es si va a ocurrir sino cuándo va a ocurrir - The question is not if it is going to occur but when it is going to occur

El avión de combate que pilotaba fuera derribado- The combat plane that he piloted was knocked down

El hombre es considerado un héroe de guerra, no por sus proezas en batalla, sino por haber logrado superar los horrores de su confinamiento- The man is considered a war hero, not for his feats in battle, but for having managed to overcome the horrors of his confinement

A lo largo de 12 páginas, los expertos detallaron numerosos hallazgos similares- Along the 12 pages, the experts detailed numerous similar findings

Washington despide a John McCain- Washington says good bye to John McCain

No prestes atención a las personas que buscan lastimarte. Aquí estamos para amarte y apoyarte- Don't pay attention to people who are looking to hurt you. We are here to love you and support you 

Luego le impuso dos penalidades más- Then he gave her 2 more penalties

Gracias por destacar que hay un doble estándar- Thank you for highlighting that there is a double standard

Lo que hubiese sido un increíble momento para dos mujeres de color fue arruinado por un hombre- What would have been an incredible moment for two women of color was ruined by a man

Alzó su voz- She raised her voice

Todo el episodio empañó la victoria para la joven Osaka, quien confesó ser una gran fanática de Williams, y recibió el título en medio del llanto- The whole episode tarnished the victory for the young Osaka, who confessed to be a big fan of Williams and received the title in the midst of crying

Extrañe su casa- He misses his home

Tenemos que deshacernos de ellos- We have to get rid of them

Voy a aprovechar la oportunidad- I'm going to take advantage of the opportunity

La fiebre de la lotería alteó la tranquilidad de este pueblo- The fever of the lottery altered the tranquility of this town

Su hijo se acababa de enterar de la noticia- His son had just found out the news

EEUU escaló un lugar en comparación con el ránking anterior y Reino Unido se ha mantenido estable- The US climbed one place compared to the previous ranking and the United Kingdom has remained stable.

¿Qué estado está lidiando con un problema de algas tóxicas?- What state is dealing with a problem of toxic algae?

¿Cuánto tiempo duró la carrera de Juan?- How long did Juan's career last?

Hablan las esposas de los narcotraficantes que delataron a El Chapo- The wifes of the drug traffickers who betrayed El Chapo speak

El avión pertenece a la aerolínea JetBlue- The airplane belongs to the airline JetBlue

Preocupados por las frecuentes redadas de ICE, los padres se reencontrarán con sus hijos deportados a México- Concerned about the frequent ICE raids, the parents will be reunited with their children deported to Mexico

Renunció al sueño americano- He gave up on the American dream

Una mujer fue atacada sexualmente por un hombre cuando salió a fumar un cigarrillo en los Chelsea Piers- A woman was sexually attacked by a man when she went out to smoke a cigarette in Chelsea Piers

Voy a grabar un video corto- I'm going to record a short video

La policia busca al sospechoso- Police are looking for a suspect

Con regalos y palabras bonitas la deslumbró- With gifts and beautiful words, he dazzled her

Ella aprovechaba esto para matar a más personas- She took advantage of this to kill more people

Necesito pulir mis zapatos- I need to polish my shoes

Hombre permanece 2 años en coma sin ser identificado- Man stays 2 years in coma without being identified

¿Probaste la sopa?- Did you try the soup?

Padezco de trastorno bipolar- I suffer from bipolar disorder

Me cegué en rabia- I was blinded by anger

Me desmayé varias veces en el baño- I fainted various times in the bathroom

Ella dice que no se arrepiente de haber participado en el estudio- She says that she doesn't regret having participated in the study

Necesito enjuagarme las manos- I need to rinse my hands

He cometido errores, pero no quiero hablar de ello- I have committed mistakes, but I don't want to talk about it

Arrestan a indocumentado acusado de atropellar a un motociclista en Florida tras un altercado- They arrest an indocumented immigrant accused of running over a motorcyclist in Florida after an altercation

Me gustaría ver cuantos estadounidenses se apuntarían para ocupar estos trabajos y sin gozar muchos beneficios- I would like to see how many Americans would sign up to take these jobs and without enjoying much benefits

Quiero gozar la vida- I want to enjoy life

Mi jefe valora el trabajo de sus trabajadores- My boss values the work of his workers

Nunca traisionaré a ningunos de mis amigos- I will never betray any of my friends

¡Es tarde! Debo apurarme- It's late! I must hurry

La esponja se encoge cuando está bajo el agua caliente- The sponge shrinks when it is under hot water

¿Temes ser deportado?- Do you fear being deported?

Después de una larga espera, su deseo se hizo realidad- After a long wait, his wish became true

La casa se llenó de humo- The house filled up with smoke

Exigen justicia- They demand justice

No quiero ni pensar si eso pasará frente a mis ojos- I don't want to even think if this will happen in front of my eyes

Policía de Pittsburgh responde a un tiroteo en una sinagoga. Se reportan múltiples víctimas- Police of Pittsburgh respond to a shooting in a synagogue. Multiple victims reported

¿Puedes botar la basura?- Can you throw away the trash?

Los migrantes desatan caos en la frontera- The migrants unleash chaos on the border

¡Cállate! ―estalló- Shut up! he exploded

Ambas cantantes intercambiaron mensajes- Both singers exchanged messages

Cabe recordar que ella también se involucró en el conflicto- It should be remembered that she also became involved in the conflict

Una luz fuerte del cielo envolvió a Saulo- A strong light from heaven enveloped Saul

Saulo cayó al suelo- Saul fell to the ground

Saulo cerró los ojos- Saul closed his eyes

Ellos reinaban sobre todos los animales- They reigned over all the animals

Ella se entristeció cuando su amiga murió- She became sad when her friend died

Dios se arrepintió de haber creado hombres y mujeres- God regretted having created men and women

Las nubes aparecieron y la lluvia empezó a caer- The clouds appeared and the rain began to fall

El Arca de Noé estaba bien construida y flotó sobre las aguas- Noah's ark was well built and floated over the waters

La familia de la niña reclama justicia- The family of the girl demands justice

Los médicos del Hospital han señalado que la niña murió de choque séptico, deshidratación y fiebre- The doctors of the hospital have indicated tha the girl died of septic shock, dehydration, and fever

Los resultados de la autopsia pueden demorar algunas semanas- The results of the autopsy can take several weeks

La niña nunca fue sometida a condiciones extremas- The girl was never subjected to extreme conditions

Necesito abrocharme el cinturón de seguridad- I need my fasten my seatbelt

Merecerá la pena- It will be worth it

El que encurbre sus pecados no prosperará, pero el que los confiesa y los abandona hallará misericordia- The one who covers his sins will not prosper, but the one who confesses them and abandons them will find mercy

Dios me consuela- God comforts me

Un hombre fue atrapado- One man was trapped

El padre declinó asistencia médica- The father declined medical assistance

Culpo a los padres del niño- I blame the parents of the child

Suelo tomar un vaso de agua antes de hacer ejercicio- I usually drink a glass of water before exercising

Pisé el césped- I stepped on the lawn

Soplé las velas- I blew out the candles

El hombre logró hacerlo- The man managed to do it/The man succeeded in doing it

Busco mi camisa- I am looking for my shirt

Espero el tren- I'm waiting for the train

Miro el reloj- I am looking at the clock

Pido el billete- I am asking for the bill

Pagué la comida- I paid for the meal

Él vendó mi cortaduras- He bandaged my cuts

Pausé por un momento- I paused for a moment

Voy a empedrar las calles- I'm going to pave the streets

Él conspiró contra ella- He conspired against her

Hablamos de la situación- We spoke about the situation

Esa niña se cayó- That girl fell down

Nos disfrazamos- We wore costumes

El libro le pertenece a él- The book belongs to him

La mujer se había graduado hace pocos meses de la academia y llevaba algunas semanas patrullando sola- The girl had graduated from the academy a few months ago and had been patrolling alone for a few weeks

No queremos abrumarla- We don't want to overwhelm her

No es el mejor modo de afrontar los problemas de una forma positiva- It is not the best way to face problems in a positive way

Ayuda estructurar el día- It helps to structure the day

¡Suscríbete a mi canal!- Subscribe to my channel!

Examinar una obra destinada al público, para decidir si se ajusta a determinados planteamientos políticos, morales o religiosos y si se puede o no publicar o exhibir- Examine a work intended for the public, to decide if it fits certain political, moral or religious approaches and whether or not it can be published or exhibited.

Tuesto el pan- I toast the bread

La Guardia Costera se unió a miles de trabajadores del Gobierno- The Coast guard joined thousands of government workers

Aplazaron la decision- They postponed the decision

Puede rastrearlo en línea con este número de seguimiento- You can track it on line with this tracking number

El conductor aceleró y embistió a la policía- The driver accelerated and charged at the police

El corazón bombea sangre- The heart pumps blood

El corazón late, en promedio, 60 veces por minuto- The heart beats, on average, 60 times a minute

Debemos dar pasos para manejar la hipertensión- We must take steps to manage hypertension

Inmigrante recibe una multa de más de 8,000 dólares por no acatar su orden de deportación- Immigrant receives a fine of more than 8000 dollars for not abiding by his order of deportation

El juez dictaminó a favor de la mujer- The judge ruled in favor of the woman

Estas pastillas no caducan hasta el año que viene- These tablets don't expire until next year

Cuando la policía llegó, el ladrón de bancos se rindió- When the police arrived, the bank robber surrendered

El hombre se reencuentra con su hijo- The man reunites with his son

México ratifica su apoyo al presidente- Mexico ratifies its support for the president

Reflexione sobre todos sus hábitos de alimentación así como en las cosas que desencadenan que coma en forma poco saludable- Reflect on all your eating habits as well as the things that trigger you to eat unhealthy

Dios los expulsó del huerto- God expelled them from the garden

Enrolló el mapa- She rolled up the map

Si ella tarda, voy a salir- If she comes late, I'm going to leave

El mono se balancea de las ramas- The monkey swings from the branches

Ocasionó daño- It caused damage

Esto me sorprende- This surprises me

Cómo sonar más natural- How to sound more natural

Los hombres ondearon banderas al desfile- The men waved flags at the parade

Puedes ordenar mi curso a esta página- You can order my course at this page

Los ladrones se encapucharon antes de entrar en la tienda- The thieves hooded themselves before entering the store

Lo hizo sin cobrarles- He did it without charging them

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