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Spanish Vocabulary- The Hair

Spanish Vocabulary

El Cabello- Hair (on the head)

El Pelo- Hair (anywhere on the body, including the head)

El Vello Corporal- Body hair

La Perdida de Cabello- Hair loss (from the head)

El Corte de Pelo/El Corte de Cabello- Haircut

El Peinado- Hairstyle

El Cepillo para el Pelo- Hairbrush

El Peine (para el Pelo)- Comb

Pelo largo- Long hair 

Pelo corto- Short hair

Pelo natural- Natural hair

Pelo rizado- Curly hair

Pelo lacio- Straight hair 

Pelo húmedo- Wet hair

Pelo seco- Dry hair 

Pelo fino- Thin hair 

Pelo grueso- Coarse hair 

Pelo quebrado- Broken hair

Las Puntas partidas- Split ends

Peinar- To comb

Peinarse- To comb one's own hair

Cepillar- To brush 

Cepillarse- To brush one's own hair

Lavar la cabeza/Lavar el pelo/Lavar el cabello- To shampoo

Lavarse la cabeza/Lavarse el pelo/Lavarse el cabello- To shampoo one's own hair

Teñir el cabello- To dye the hair

Teñirse el cabello- To dye one's own hair 

El Tinte para el Cabello- Hair dye

La Peluca- Wig

La Trenza- Braid

Las Trenzas- Braids

La Coleta- Ponytail


Los Ejemplos de Oraciones- Example Sentences

Me peiné el pelo- I combed my hair

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Author: Learning Spanish

Published on July 17, 2018


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