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Spanish Vocabulary- Reflexive Verbs

Spanish Vocabulary

Los Verbos Reflexivos- Reflexive Verbs

Acostumbrarse- To get used to

Apuntarse- To sign up

Arreglarse el pelo- To fix one's hair

Arrodillarse- To kneel

Asustarse- To panic/To be afraid

Atreverse- To dare

Calentarse- To warm up

Cambiarse- To change (clothing)

Casarse- To get married

Complicarse- To become complicated

Dedicarse- To dedicate oneself

Deprimirse- To become depressed

Desempeñarse- To perform/To serve

Desvestirse- To undress

Enfocarse- To focus

Enfriarse- To catch a chill

Esconder- To hide

Esconderse- To hide onself

Graduarse- To graduate

Limarse (las uñas)- To file (one's nails)

Maquillarse- To put on makeup

Pintarse los labios- To put on lipstick

Postularse- To run (as in for office)

Probarse= To try on (clothing)

Quitarse- To take off (as in clothing)

Tornarse- To become

Vestirse- To dress




Los Ejemplos de Oraciones- Example Sentences

Siempre nos enfocamos en el racismo- We always focus on racism

Cuando llegué a casa, me cambié- When I arrived home, I changed off

Ella se desempeña como terapista ocupacional- She serves as an occupational therapist

Se graduó de la Academia Naval de los Estados Unidos en 1958- He graduated from the Naval Academy of the United States in 1958

Se postuló como republicano a las elecciones del Congreso en 1983- He ran as a republican in the elections of Congress in 1983

La separación se torna más dificil- The separation is becoming more difficult

La situación se complicó- The situation became more complicated

El árbitro simplemente se sintió ofendido porque lo llamó ladrón y porque una mujer se atrevió a exigirle una disculpa- The referee simply felt offended because he called him a thief and because a woman dared to demand an apology

Ella se arregla el pelo todas las mañanas- She fixes her hair every morning

Es buena idea acostumbrarse a escuchar otro acentos cuando estás aprendiendo un idioma- It is a good idea to get used to listening to other accents when you are learning a language

Ellos se casaron el mes pasado- They got married last month

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Author: Learning Spanish

Published on Aug. 21, 2018


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