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Spanish Vocabulary- Movement

Spanish Vocabulary

El Movimiento- Movement

Abrirse paso a empujones- To push or shove one's way through

Acercarse a- To approach

Agacharse- To squat

Alcanzar- To reach

Andar- To walk

Andar cabizbajo(a)- To walk with one's head down

Andar de puntillas- To tiptoe

Apretar el botón- To press the button

Una Arrastrada- A drag

Arrastrar- To grab

Asentir con la cabeza- To nod one's head

Atar con correa- To strap

Bajar la cabeza- To lower one's head

Caminar- To walk

Cruzar las piernas- To cross one's legs

Dar una vuelta- To take a walk

Dar un paseo- To stroll

Dar un empujón a algo- To push something through

Dar un tirón a algo- To give something a pull or tug

Desplomarse- To collapse

Doblar- To bend

Empujar- To push

Un Empujón- A push

Encogerse de hombros- To shrug one's shoulders

Entrar a hurtadillas- To sneak in

Escabullirse- To sneak away/To sneak off

Estirar las piernas- To stretch one's legs

Hacer cosquillas- To tickle

Hacia atrás- Backwards

Levantar la cabeza- To raise one's head

Levantarse- To get up/To stand up

Mirar en derredor- To look around

Mudarse- To move

Mudarse de casa- To move to another house

Negar con la cabeza- To shake one's head

Patalear- To stamp one's feet

Poner rumbo- To set course

Ponerse en puntillas- To get on tiptoes

Salir a hurtadillas- To sneak out

Sujetar con correa- To strap

Tirar- To pull

Un Tirón- A pull

Volver la cabeza- To turn one's head


Ejemplos de Oraciones

Miré en derredor la mesa- I looked around the table

Hice cosquillas a la chica- I tickled the girl

Tags of Post: spanish vocabulary, movement

Author: Learning Spanish

Published on Aug. 5, 2018


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