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Spanish Vocabulary- Household Chores

Spanish Vocabulary

Los Quehaceres de Casa- Household Chores

La Aspiradora- Vacuum cleaner

Aspirar- To vacuum

Bañar al perro- To bathe the dog

Barrer- To sweep

La Basura- Trash/Garbage

El Colchón- Mattress

Cortar el césped- To mow the lawn

Cortar el pasto- To cut the grass

Coser- To sew

Cuidar el jardín- To garden

Dar de comer al perro- To feed the dog

Doblar la ropa- To fold the laundry

El Edredón- Bedsheet/Comforter

Hacer la cama- To make the bed

Hacer la limpieza- To do the cleaning

Ir de compras- To go shopping

Juntar la basura- To pick up the trash

Lavar el coche- To wash the car

Lavar la ropa- To do the laundry

Lavar los platos- To wash the dishes

Limpiar- To clean

Limpiar el baño- To clean the bathroom

Limpiar el piso- To clean the floor

Limpiar el polvo- To dust

Limpiar la ventana- To clean the window

La Limpieza- Cleaning

La Limpieza de la casa- House cleaning

La Manta- Blanket

Mover con pala- To shovel

Ordenar la habitación- To tidy up the room

Pasar la Aspiradora- To vacuum

Pasear al perro- To walk the dog

El Pasto- Grass

Planchar- To iron

Planchar la ropa- To iron the clothes

El Polvo- Dust

Poner la mesa- To set the table

El Quehacer- Chore

Los Quehaceres- Chores

Quitar con pala- To shovel

Quitar el polvo- To dust

Quitar la mesa- To clear the table

Rastrillar- To rake

Rastrillar las hojas- To rake the leaves

Regar la plantas- To water the plants

La Ropa- Clothing/Laundry

La Sábana- Sheet (bed)

Las Sábanas- Sheets (bed)

Sacar la basura- To take out the trash

Sacudir- To dust

Sacudir los muebles- To dust the furniture

Secar la ropa- To dry the laundry

Secar los platos- To dry the dishes/To wipe the dishes

Las Tareas- Chores

Las Tareas de la Casa- Housework

Las Tareas del hogar- Household chores

Las Tareas Domésticas- Household chores

Tender la cama- To make the bed

Tender la ropa- To hang up the laundry

Trapear- To mop

Trapear el piso- To mop the floor

Tags of Post: spanish vocabulary, household chores, tasks

Author: Learning Spanish

Published on Sept. 29, 2018


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