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Spanish Vocabulary- Expressions with the Verb, Tener

Spanish Vocabulary

Expressions with the Verb Tener

Tener que- To have to

Tengo que ir al hotel- I have to go to the hotel


Tener frío- To be cold (literally: to have coldness)

Tengo frío- I am cold


Tener calor- To be hot (literally: to have heat)

Tengo calor- I am hot


Tener miedo- To be afraid (literally: to have fear)

Tengo miedo- I am afraid


Tener cuidado- To be careful (literally: to have carefulness/to have care)

Tengo cuidado- I am careful/I am being careful


Tener ganas de- To feel like

Tengo ganas de ir a la playa- I feel like going to the beach

Tengo ganas de comer algo- I feel like eating something


Tener # años- To be # years old (literally: to have X years)

Tengo veinte años- I am 20 years old (literally: I have 20 years)


Tener hambre- To be hungry (literally: to have hunger)

Tengo hambre- I am hungry

Todos nosotros tenemos mucha hambre- We are all very hungry (rationale: mucha because hambre is a feminine noun)


Tener sed- To be thirsty (literally: to have thirst)

Tengo mucha sed- I am thirsty (literally: I have much thirst)


Tener sueño- To be sleepy (literally: to have sleep)

Tengo mucho sueño- I am very sleepy


Tener suerte- To be lucky (literally: to have lucky)

Ella tiene suerte- She is lucky


Tener prisa- To be in a hurry/To be in a rush

Tengo prisa- I am in a rush


Tener razón- To be right (literally: to have right/to have reason)

Ella tiene razón- She is right


Tener vergüenza- To be embarrassed/To be ashamed (literally: to have embarrassment/to have shame)

Tengo vergüenza- I'm embarrassed


Tener confianza- To be confident (literally: to have confidence)

Tengo confianza- I am confident


Tener dolor- To have pain/To hurt

Tengo dolor de cabeza- I have a headache/My head hurts

Tengo dolor de espalda- I have back pain/My back hurts


Tener- To hold

*Tener can take on the meaning, 'to hold'

¿Puedes tener esto?- Can you hold this (for me)?

¡Ten esto por mí!- Hold this for me


Tener éxito- To be successful (literally: to have success)

Juan tuvo éxito con su negocio- John was successful with his business


Tener la culpa- To be guilty (literally: to have the guilt)

Juan tiene la culpa- John is guilty


Tener claro- To be clear 

Es importante tener claro- It's important to be clear


Tener sentido- To make sense

Esto tiene sentido- This makes sense

Espero que esto tenga sentido- I hope this makes sense

Espero que eso tenga sentido- I hope that makes sense


¡Aquí tiene!- Here you are!

¿Puedes conseguir mi bicicleta? Si, aquí tiene!- Can you get my bicycle? Yes, here you are!


Tener celos- To be jealous

Tengo celos- I am jealous

Tengo celos de él- I am jealous of him


Tener cosquillas- To be ticklish

Tengo cosquillas- I am ticklish


Tener la costumbre de- To be used (accustomed) to

Tengo la costumbre de acostarme temprano- I have the custom of going to bed early

Tiene la costumbre de acostarse tarde- He has the custom of going to bed late


Tener la lengua larga- To have a big mouth

Ella tiene la lengua larga- She has a big mouth


Tener lugar- To take place

El evento tuvo lugar en Nueva York- The event took place in New York


Tener lástima de- To feel sorry for/To take pity on

Tengo lástima de él- I have feel sorry for him


Tener probabilidad- To stand a chance

No tiene probabilidad- He doesn't stand a chance


Tener roce con- To have contact with a person

Tengo roce con él- I have contact with him


Tener presente (de or que)- To bear in mind/To keep mind

Tenga presente que viene mañana- Bear in mind that he's coming tomorrow


Tener gracia- To be funny

Eso no tiene gracia- That isn't funny


Tener la pena de- To have the misfortune of

Tenía la pena de ir al evento donde hubo un tiroteo- He had the misfortune of going to the event where there was a shooting


Tener mucho copete- To be arrogant/To be haughty

Tiene mucho copete- He is arrogant


Tener en la mente- To have in mind

Tengo esto en la mente- I have this in mind


Tener deseos de- To want to/To be eager to

Tengo deseos de ir a la playa- I want to go to the beach


Tener en cuenta- To take into account

Tenga en cuenta que ella tiene una pierna rota- Take into account that she has a broken leg


Tener murria- To have the blues/To be sulky

Tengo murria- I have the blues


Tener en la punta de la lengua- To have one the tip of one's tongue

Lo tengo en la punta de la lengua- I have it on the tip of my tongue


Tener en mucho- To esteem highly

Tengo en mucho al professor- I highly esteem the professor


Tener gusto en- To be glad to

Tengo gusto en ir- I am glad to go

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Author: Learning Spanish

Published on Aug. 20, 2018


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