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Having a Job Is a Waste of Time

The point of this article is not to bash people who have jobs. 

The point of the article is to show that having a job long-term without any plans of leaving it is a complete waste of time. 

Everyone has to start somewhere.

Most people, unless born wealthy or just happened to start businesses at a very young age, started out working jobs. 

And this is perfectly fine. 

However, in this article, I will show why you shouldn't have the mindset to stay someone's employee for a long period of time. And why having a job long-term is a complete waste of time. 

1) You have no control- When you have a job, ultimately, you're at the will of your employer. You are dependent on your employer for income. You're at the mercy or you're at the disposition of your employer. Your employer can cut off your income through many different ways. You're employer can fire you. Your employer can do layoffs. Your employer can relocate the company to across the country and you may not be able to go with them. Your employee can slash your hours or slash your pay. Basically, your whole livelihood and income is dependent on either a single boss or a few executives. Why live your whole life not in control? If you start your own business or produce your own income, you have much more control. 

2) Not What You Were Put on Earth On- Do you really think you were put on earth to build someone's company or someone's else dream? Well, that's what you do when you get a job. You're building out some person's company, some other person's dream. Why spend your life doing that? It's not fulfilling at all. Who's passionate about building another person's business? This is why so many employees lack motivation and drive in the workforce.  These same people, when they start their own businesses, work around the clock. Obviously, we're not on this earth to build other people's systems, but our own.

3) You will Never Be Wealthy- Rich people, for the most part, do not get wealthy working jobs. They are ones who build businesses or buy income-producing assets like real estate. It's almost impossible to get rich working jobs, because you only get paid for the amount of time you work and time is limited. There's only a certain amount of time in a day. Therefore, you can only produce so much income. You're limited by time. The vast majority of jobs out there are hourly pay. Rich people build systems where money works for them. They don't work for money. What you ultimately want is to build a system that generates you cash even when you're not working. 

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Author: Miscellaneous

Published on June 22, 2018


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