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Don't Buy From Digikey If You can Find the Part Elsewhere

Hello all,

This is an article telling you all not to buy any parts from Digikey if you can find the part(s) from another website at a comparable price. 

Digikey is a corporation that engages in evil, corrupt, unethical practices.

Digikey engages in blatant copyright infringement of other websites, including Learning about Electronics. 

It has stolen much material from learning about electronics, including stealing direct images and copying paragraphs word-for-word from the site and posting it on its own site, as if it created the material. 

Below is the visual proof shown. 

Side by side, this is how the websites appeared at the time of the infringement.

Digikey copyright infringement of image

The following image below shows sentences copied word for word.

Digikey copyright infringement of sentences verbatim


The site has modified their page since after being notified of the infringement but the original 2 urls are shown below:


Original content:

Infringing URL:


I filed for a DCMA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown request with all of the major search engines. Of course, they concluded that Digikey had infringed on my website and violated its copyright and they took the page down off of their search engines. is the official site where copyright violations on the internet can be found. 

In this case, the official complaint for this case can be found at the following URL below:


I emailed their designated agent who receives copyright infringements. His name is Kevin Brown, according to the site. I emailed him regarding the copyright violations. The guy doesn't even reply to a single email. So emailing them about content they've infringed on is pointless and a waste of time. So Digikey has programmers who directly steal content from other websites and they also have a designated 'copyright agent' who doesn't even reply to any emails about copyright infringments the site commits. That's a corrupt company. 

And this is how these huge corporations gain such global dominance. They cheat. They steal. They lobby. They pay off politicians. This is how the story goes. 

I just wanted to make you guys aware of these practices, in this article, specifically of Digikey. 

This website no longer supports Digikey. It will no longer recommend that you use Digikey or buy from Digikey. 

Digikey is just another evil corporation that will do whatever it has to do, whether legal or illegal, to get more money. 

So, if you find the component elsewhere, boycott Digikey. 

Tags of Post: Digikey, evil, boycott, evil corporation, blatant copyright infringement, steals, other websites

Author: Learning about Electronics

Published on May 27, 2018


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