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A High-Fat, not High-Carb, Diet Causes Diabetes

In the nutrition and dieting world, there is a ton of misinformation. 

Much of the misinformation, and the reason why it's followed, comes from the mainstream medical industry. 

The mainstream industry is the people most people consult and listen to, which includes doctor, nutritionists, dietiticians. 

These people are spreading the wrong information, mostly because they're taught the wrong information in medical school and in college. 

We are taught by society that a high-carb diet is what causes diabetes. And if a person is struggling with diabetes, s/he should be placed on a low-carb diet. 

This is dead wrong. And this is reason why people placed on this diet struggle with diabetes for years, if not decades. These people eventually are placed on drugs for diabetes such as metformin, or they're given insulin to control. But, sadly, this is not the wrong approach and causes years of headaches and heartaches for patients. 

Poorly controlled blood sugar, of type II diabetes, is a sign of high blood fat. 

And usually this high blood fat comes from excessive dietary consumption of fat. 


Tags of Post: high-fat diet, causes diabetes, carbs, blood fat

Author: Health Awareness

Published on June 19, 2018


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