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Terms and Conditions

By registering on this site, you agree to certain rules and conditions.

Docpid functions as a user-generated content site. The site gathers content by users posting content and uploading files.

Being that docpid is site driven by user-generated content, docpid, in no way, is responsible for or endorses the content on this site for veracity or potential danger that content may espouse. All information must be judged by you, the end user, to deem whether the information is useful and beneficial.

Users are capable of flagging down content posted by users for inappropriateness, such as hate, violence, racism, sexual explicitness, vulgar language, or copyright infringement. Docpid will review content flagged by users.

On this site exists community guidelines to prevent abuse or potentially harmful or dangerous content.

For these reasons, the following content below prohibited on the site.

Community Guidelines

Docpid Prohibits the following on the site:

Hate- Any content that espouses the hate of men or women, any type of race, ethnicity, country, or locality is prohibited on the site.

Violence- Any content that promotes or incites any type of violence toward other people is prohibited on the site. This includes graphic representations of violence as well as written representations.

Vulgar Language- By joining this site, you agree not to post or upload material that contains vulgar language. This site's intention is to be appropriate for people of all ages. Vulgar language can result in an account ban.

Copyright Infringement- By joining this site, you agree not to upload content that you are not the owner of or that you do not have special permissions to post. Users who are in violation of copyright infringement may have the content taken down and be banned from the site.

Posting material that promotes violence, hatred, racism, vulgarity, or material that is the property of others without permission can result in the material being taken down and the account being banned.

If willing to comply with these rules, we look forward to you joining this community, and we look forward to the content that you are able to generate that may be beneficial to others.

Privacy Policy

Docpid takes your privacy seriously. Privacy covers how docpid treats your personal information that you provide it. Personal information is information about you that is personally identifiable such as your name and email address. Docpid collects this personal information for the sole purpose of you being able to have a uniquely identifiable account on the site. Docpid never shares or sells your information to anyone else, including third-party companies. You can have our trust.

If the policy changes at any time, it will be updated on this page.

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